Central Asia has the biggest wild pistachio forest with area about 300 000 ha. 42% of that amount is located in Tajikistan, 33% - in Kyrgyzstan, 15% - in Turkmenistan and 10% in Uzbekistan..

Pistachio forest in Kazakhstan.

Native habitat of pistachio is located within 4 mountain system (Tien Shan, Pamir-Alay, Paropamis, Turkmen-Khorassan). . Natural pistachio sites are situated on the foothills and hills at elevations of 400 to 1,500 m above sea-level. In Afghanistan Pistacia vera can be found till 2700 m, and most likely it’s limit for the species.

Pistachio grows in Uzbekistan in the mountains around Ferghana valley (Chatkal, Kurama, Ferghana), then on mountain ranges of Western Tien Shan (Chatkal, Karzhantau, Pskem, Ugam, Nurata, Pistalitau). In the south of Uzbekistan – Kugitang, Babatag.

Pistachio forest in Babatag (Surkhandarya province).

The biggest native pistachio forest in Uzbekistan can be found in Babatag. 


Natural pistachio growing belt.